41st PARLIAMENT, 1st SESSION – November 26, 2012

Mr. Fin Donnelly (New Westminster—Coquitlam, NDP):

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to present a petition from thousands of petitioners who call upon the government to save the ELA, Canada’s leading freshwater research station. The ELA provides essential scientific knowledge for the development of national and international policies that ensure the future health of freshwater resources and their associated aboriginal, commercial and recreational fisheries.

The petitioners call upon the government to reverse the decision to close the ELA research station and to continue to staff and provide financial resources to the ELA at the current or higher levels of commitment.”


Hon. Ralph Goodale (Wascana, Lib.):

“Mr. Speaker, I have a second petition that comes from people largely in the Regina area expressing their concern with respect to the government’s abandonment of the Experimental Lakes Area project in northwestern Ontario, which is a valuable environmental project for all of Canada.

The petitioners call upon the Government of Canada to sustain funding to allow the ELA project to continue without impairment.”


Mr. Frank Valeriote (Guelph, Lib.):

“Mr. Speaker, I also have a petition from hundreds of residents from across Canada, coast to coast, including my own riding of Guelph, who wish the government to respect the standing of Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area as a unique world-renowned facility for freshwater research and education. They call on the government to recognize how important the ELA is to our responsibilities to protect our aquatic ecosystems and request that it continue to provide financial resources.”