1st Session, 41st Parliament – October 23, 2012

Senator Mitchell:

“Honourable senators, they were his words and he said them in public. If the leader has to make excuses for the deputy minister two days after he got the job, God help the environment.

Another message sent by the government — I think it is probably Mr. Harper who is coming up with these things — is that it is shutting down the Experimental Lakes Area. The Experimental Lakes Area has done world-class work on issues like water quality, water reclamation, things that affect the oil sands, ergo the oil that goes through the pipeline to the Gateway, ergo the problem people have with giving it social licence.

Why would this government shut down the Experimental Lakes Area when it plays such an important role in establishing environmental credibility for this country, for Alberta, for the oil sands, and that message is sent all around the world? Instead, the government sends a message that it does not care enough about those issues because it is shutting down the Experimental Lakes Area.”

Senator LeBreton:

“My answer on the Experimental Lakes Area remains the same. We have made the decision that the Experimental Lakes Area will be ending as a federal facility. Our government has boosted investment significantly in science. We will get similar results from the investments we are now making in this area.”